Sedation For Patients Who Have Dentophobia

There is a portion of the population which harbors a phobia regarding dentist and it is called dentophobia and the patient who has it is scared of visiting the dentist. People who are terrified of dentists either avoid going to the dentist or try to take someone along which generally works but when it comes to a dental surgery or procedure, the anxiety flares up really badly and they mostly refuse to take part in the surgery which is only harmful to them.

Since many dental clinics like Perio Health Partners recognize this fact, they have started sedation surgery that offers to sedate the patient during the treatment so that the patient can get the treatment and avoid the unnecessary but very real anxiety. For patients who have dentophobia or odontophobia, sedation surgeries can be the perfect solution because:

No Sense of Time

If there is a long surgery, patients with a fear of surgeries get more freaked out due to the time duration of the surgery which is why sedation is a great option for them because it will allow them to lose sense of time during the surgery or treatment.

No Memory

Often patients detest having memories of the procedure because they just increase the fear but if they have a treatment or surgery under sedation, they would not remember anything about it which would be a blessing.

No Anxiety

There is no doubt that sedation is the best way to control the fear of the patient during the surgery.

Rate of Response

The best thing about sedation during the treatment is that even though it puts the patient to sleep, it is a light kind of sleep which allows the patient to be responsive which is a requirement for many dental procedures.


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