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Mulch is what you use to cover any layering of soil. This way, you can expect less moisture to escape from it and also hinder the growth of weeds while keeping the soil favourably cooler than it would have been without it. With the right mulch, your garden will be a lot more attractive and visually appealing to, so you can imagine that a lot of gardening enthusiasts will be making a lot of use out of mulch. There are different kinds of mulch you can use for your garden as well. Organic mulch for instance will need to be replaced occasionally but in return, it can improve the fertility of your soil.

It pays to know where your mulch came from and what the composition of it may be. Woody and dry mulch has less to offer and you don’t want organic mulch that just increases your workload. If you aren’t going to be digging often, such as around trees and plantings, bark mulch has quite some extensive benefits for you to consider. They last much longer than an organic mulch will but they’re more hassle to move around when you need to start planting new plants.

Whatever the needs you have, you consider your mulch accordingly. But how do you calculate how much mulch you’re going to need. Gardens aren’t in any uniform shape or size and not just gardens but most fertile areas can make good use out of mulch to preserve the soil. If all you have are the dimensions of the area you want to cover, you want to know how much you’re going to need if you want to cover it appropriately and you can use any mulch calculator online to do the mathematics for you, otherwise you can expect to be pulling out pen and paper for it.