A Faster Way to Learn Piano

When deciding that you want to learn how to play piano, you need to have some idea about the different types of piano courses and how they differ from each other. Some beginner piano courses are based on traditional findings of the instrument and have a different way of teaching. They’re more inclined towards teaching through sheet music and practicing old, classical songs. These courses are designed by classical pianists who are still using the conventional ways of teaching piano. They don’t realize the fact that learners’ only motivation is to be able to play their favorite songs. They give their students classical Bach and Mozart songs to practice. Most beginners find them too difficult or boring. This is the reason why most people quit before they’ve even learned the basic chords.

However, there are other courses too that take into acknowledgement, the fact that most beginners do not want to sit in hour long classes of learning sheet music. There are also courses that are available online like Jaques online Piano in 21 days course. In his curriculum, he hasn’t included any long and boring classical songs. Instead, the course focuses on teaching the learners a basic framework that helps them in understanding the chords. They also teach them to improvise so that instead of just practicing the same songs, they’re able to play tunes and covers of the songs that they like. Jaques got the inspiration for designing such a course as he too was a victim of these traditional piano courses. Even after learning the piano for 12 years, he only knew how to play two songs. The conventional way of teaching requires a lot of time and useless effort and people now-a-days don’t have that much time on their hands.