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A Foody Voyage:

Hi! We are a team of two friends with a real and deep love for food. If you are like us, then you are going to love this blog, because we’re going to share with you tutorials, tips, etc. If it has to do with food, then you will find it here!

So, let’s present ourselves so you can see that this blog is written and updated by real food lovers! 😉

Karen: Give Me Wine And Love!

I’ve loved cooking all kind of dishes since I was a little girl, and now almost 2 decades after I’m still in love with food, and may I say even more! I will share with you the best recipes from preparing tacos, pasta, Thai food, etc. You just need to name it!

Coy: Pastry is What I Love!

If you want to know how to cook the most delicious cookies, pastries, cakes and more, then I’m here to teach you so!