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Cleaning your carpets is not an easy job to do. There is a lot of work required to make sure the carpet is kept perfectly clean and that staining and dirt accumulation does not happen. Drops, spills, and accidents always happen and that’s why instead of trying to keep your carpet clean, you need to learn how to clean your carpet by yourself. While we do suggest you get the carpet cleaned professionally, by someone like the carpet cleaner London team, once a month, you should clean it out yourself in between the professional cleanings. So to make sure you know what you need to do, we will talk about some tips from professionals to help clean the carpet with a bit more ease.

First thing you need to know is to never rub any spills or stains in to the carpet. The more you rub the spill, the larger the stain gets. The best way to clean a spill or a stain is to use a cleaning solution with a sponge or paper towel and dab it on the space with the stain so that it is soaked up. The light dabbing or blotting does not put pressure on the stain but rubbing spreads the particles that made the stain and only spreads it. Always dab from the outside towards the inside of the stain to prevent spreads. Another thing you can do if the stain is a wine or beer stain is to use club soda. Using the club soda with a clean cloth and then dabbing it over the stain can clear out the stain quickly. Once the spot goes away just simply rinse with warm water. Once the area is dried out, brush the carpet in its natural direction with a brush to get a normal look.

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