Got a problem with your gym? Prepare for a workout: Roseman

Marcus Williams asked for help with LA Fitness, a California company that came to Canada in 2007. He’d been fighting for a refund for several months, with no success.

LA fitness trainer costs debited my bank account when I did not owe any fees,” he said. “This resulted in a $48 non-sufficient funds (NSF) charge by my bank and problems with creditors I pay from my bank account.”

The club in Brampton, Ont., said he had an outstanding charge in May. He insisted that he had paid in full five days before LA Fitness took the money out of his bank account.

Williams also complained about poor communication. He was asked three times to drop off his bank statements and LA Fitness receipts to be scanned into the system and sent to staff in the United States.

I found an email address at the website ( ). Within a day, Williams had reached an amiable agreement with the chain of 300 clubs.