The Post Car Accident Protocol

Car accidents can be rather tough to deal with, but the fact of the matter is that in certain situations they just become unavoidable. If you end up suffering a car accident, it is very important that you put as much effort as possible into doing the right thing. There is an actual process associated with post car accident protocol.

The first thing that you need to do is, well, nothing. Do not drive away under any circumstances because no matter what the situation was before the crash happened, you running away is just going to make things a great deal worse for you. It is going to make it look like you performed a hit and run which is a serious crime that, if you are convicted of it, could end up sending you to jail for a rather long period of time.

Instead, you should get out and see if the other person is okay. This is, of course, granted that you yourself are in the position to get up and see what is happening. If you feel woozy or disoriented it is very important that you stay right where you are. If the car accident is not that severe then it is very important that you check for injuries and then call the police.

However, there are a lot of situations where the car accident might have been your fault. There is also the fact that the other person might try to sue you even if it was not your fault at all. In such a situation, you need to get yourself a good lawyer. Contact DFW car accident lawyers, they specialize in this sort of thing and can genuinely help you get the results you need at the end of the day.


Steps of Appealing an Immediate Roadside Prohibition

One thing that we need to emphasize in the beginning is that we condemn the act of drinking and driving as it is prohibited by the law and also because it is extremely dangerous for the driver and nearby living being. There have been so many accidents that happened due to drunk drivers and so many people have been punished for that that it is hard to believe that these accidents still happen and that people do not take the law seriously. There are instances where the driver was not actually drunk and the police’s tests just showed the wrong result due to different reasons but still the driver was given a 90 day immediate roadside prohibition and we are here to help such people get out of the trouble as they did nothing wrong.

We feel that the first thing that you need to do is to hire a lawyer like someone from Sicotte & Henry or some other reputable firm that you know of. The most important thing that you need to understand that you would only have the time of week i.e. seven days to be able to make an appeal to the Road Safety BC to review your prohibition but if you miss your 7 day deadline then there is nothing much to do.

There are many drivers that get wrongly accused by the police and they have all the right to lodge an appeal for a review. You may have been wrongly accused if your BAC was less than .05, if the testing device was unreliable, you were not told that you actually have the right to get tested a second time or if you were not the one driving the motor vehicle so remember all of that when you make your appeal.


Is Your Attorney Bad at His Job?

We have seen many people suffer because of bad attorneys and it all happened because they were not careful and alert in the selection process. It is very necessary to find the right sort of lawyer or else you are setting yourself up for failure, disappointment and loss of energy, money and time. The key to not failing a case is to recognize early on whether you have a good or bad lawyer because if you catch and fire the inept attorney early in the case, you might get saved but if it gets too late, he/she would take you down with him/her.

Even though all lawyers need to go through the right education, training and examinations in order to become a lawyer, it is possible that even after all of it, some would remain average or bad lawyers and you need to be aware of them so that you do not end up hiring them. You can either go for Armstrong Surin in Ottawa or if you are confused about your lawyer then you can notice a few things and fire him/her.


One of the worst things that an attorney can do is to ignore his/her client which happens more than you think. When a client hires an attorney, the client places his/her entire trust and faith in the lawyer which means that the attorney would need to be careful and communicate with the client in the correct way.

Hiding Things

The client has the right to know everything so if you find out that your attorney is hiding anything from you, you should immediately confront him/her and even fire the person.

Poor Management

If your lawyer has poor management skills then it is time that you need to fire the person or you would suffer.


Common Causes For Ride Sharing Accidents

At first, lawyers only had to deal with accident cases and they only had to deal with two different parties usually and it was mostly clear the driver who was at fault but since the start of services like Uber and other companies, when accidents happen by the drivers of these companies, the case gets complicated. Many people like to say that they are an advanced version of taxis which maybe true to some extent but unlike taxis, certain companies are responsible for the cars and the drivers so it is easy to pinpoint that company out and deal with them when an accident occurs due to their driver’s fault.

Ride sharing accident is when the driver causes and accident and the passenger of the vehicle gets affected by it which means that the effected passenger can report the driver to the authorities and only the driver would be responsible for the damage and the passenger would receive compensation by the company whose car it was.

If you are a person who uses these car services a lot then it is a good idea to have a link to lawyer firms so that you can get the issue resolved as soon as possible. We would like to list down the causes of these ride sharing accidents.

Passenger’s Persistence

Often it is the passenger’s fault that the accidents happen because often, the driver only drives fast or breaks traffic rules when the passengers insist on fast traveling which is dangerous for the driver, passenger and other people.

Sexual Assault

This case is does not occur that often but when a drives sexually assaults a passenger, he/she loses control of the vehicle which causes an accident which also stops the assault.