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With the ever changing technology and advancement made in the field of science, every single day a new product or treatment surfaces specifically in the field of dermatology which becomes even popular than their predecessor. In this particular case we are referring to the fame that botox once used to have as the only antiaging treatment, however, there is a growing number of people and medical professionals that have turned their backs on botox because of the harm it could potentially cause and have now started turning towards a new procedure i.e. dermal fillers as a choice of antiaging treatment so that the youthful look of the skin can be restored.

Dermal fillers are better in the sense that they do not free any of your wrinkle producing muscles which botox used to do, these fillers are injected into the skin so that the level of collagen in that part of the skin can be restored. We would like to advise you all to read more on dermal filler facts before you sign up for them, so that you are sure about it. Following are a few interesting facts about dermal fillers that you probably didn’t know of before.

Dermal Fillers Have Been Around For Over a Century

Not a lot of people know this but they have been around for over a century and were actually developed during the late nineteenth century by an Austrian surgeon Robert Gersuny, he first experimented with these fillers which contained mineral oil and paraffin which worked well and the dermal fillers were at the peak of their popularity in the early 1900s.

They Can Be Both Synthetic And Naturally Occurring

While some of the substances in the fillers are natural like hyaluronic acid, there are others that were made of synthetic substances as well.

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