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We have seen many people suffer because of bad attorneys and it all happened because they were not careful and alert in the selection process. It is very necessary to find the right sort of lawyer or else you are setting yourself up for failure, disappointment and loss of energy, money and time. The key to not failing a case is to recognize early on whether you have a good or bad lawyer because if you catch and fire the inept attorney early in the case, you might get saved but if it gets too late, he/she would take you down with him/her.

Even though all lawyers need to go through the right education, training and examinations in order to become a lawyer, it is possible that even after all of it, some would remain average or bad lawyers and you need to be aware of them so that you do not end up hiring them. You can either go for Armstrong Surin in Ottawa or if you are confused about your lawyer then you can notice a few things and fire him/her.


One of the worst things that an attorney can do is to ignore his/her client which happens more than you think. When a client hires an attorney, the client places his/her entire trust and faith in the lawyer which means that the attorney would need to be careful and communicate with the client in the correct way.

Hiding Things

The client has the right to know everything so if you find out that your attorney is hiding anything from you, you should immediately confront him/her and even fire the person.

Poor Management

If your lawyer has poor management skills then it is time that you need to fire the person or you would suffer.

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