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Eggs are consumed in so many ways, each preparation method leading to a different texture, consistency and taste, one of the fanciest ways of consuming eggs is by poaching them. Poached egg dishes are often considered as restaurant fare dishes that one cannot normally make at home, while poaching an egg is trickier than other ways of cooking, one can get the hang of it after a bit of practice. Anyone who has poached eggs would know that the very first step of the process involves taking the egg out of its shell, however, one does not necessarily need to remove the shell in order to poach an egg.

The Japanese style poached egg in shell is known as Onsen Tamgo, meaning hot springs egg, they are called this because of the fact that the Japanese used to poach eggs in their hot springs. Unlike normal poached eggs which require the egg white to become firm and the egg yolk to stay liquid like, Onsen Tamgo has an egg white with an incredibly silky texture and a yolk that becomes firm without losing its viscosity.

Poaching eggs without removing their shells is pretty much the same as poaching a normal egg, you need about 4 cups of water that you will bring to a boil, and additional cup of cold water and eggs. The trick behind Onsen Tamgo is to slow cook the egg white and the egg yolk at different temperatures, the cooking time takes around 17 to 20 minutes during which you let the eggs simmer at low heat.

Once you have brought your water to a boil, you should proceed by pouring one cup of cold water into the pot, after this, add refrigerated eggs into the pot and replace the lid. Adding a cup of cold water and using cold eggs is what creates the needed temperature difference, and if you carry out everything in a precise manner then after around 17 minutes you should have a batch of eggs that are perfectly poached inside of their shells.

Once you have let the eggs simmer at a low heat for 17 minutes, you need to take them out of the pot and set them aside for 5 minutes, once these 5 minutes are over, simply take the eggs and shell them like you would shell a soft boiled egg. These poached eggs can be enjoyed with soy sauce, garnished with scallions or put on top of English muffins, bread or on green salad. You can even store them in your fridge for a day or two and then reheat them when you are ready to have them.

A well-made Onsen Tamgo’s silky egg white and custard like egg yolk is bound to up your egg making game, whether you have them for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner with your friends. If you are a poached egg lover then you should definitely give these Japanese style poached eggs a try at least once.

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