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A batch of perfectly prepared fried chicken is to die for, nice and crispy on the outside and oozing with flavourful juices on the inside, one might think that preparing fried chicken is an easy thing to do, but the truth is that fried chicken can be quite tricky to prepare. The biggest challenge of frying chicken is to maintain oil temperature, failing to do so can result in uneven heat, leading to your chicken being either overdone or undercooked. Overcooked chicken can be excessively dry and loses all of its flavour, but luckily, one can make frying chicken a whole lot easier by using a cast iron skillet or pan rather than a deep fryer.

Cast iron is a really good conductor of heat, meaning that it can transfer heat to the oil more quickly, making temperature management easier, another advantage of using cast iron pans is that since they are shallower, they require lesser oil that heats up more quickly. Lesser oil also means that you can cook chicken more efficiently.

The first that thing you need to do to fry chicken is to prepare it, take your chicken, wash it and then cover it in your choice of coating, if you want the covering on your chicken to be extra crunchy and thicker, then you dip it in the batter once, set it aside for 20 minutes and then dip it once more before taking it to the fryer. In a skillet, you will need to fry your chicken twice, first at high heat at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit, brown both sides of your chicken before taking it out of the oil. Remember to not add too much chicken into the oil all at once since that can make your temperature drop immediately.

Once you have browned all of your chicken pieces, return all of it into the skillet and leave it to cook gently for around 20 minutes, you can stack your chicken pieces at this point if it is necessary. Throughout these 20 minutes, check your chicken frequently by poking it with a fork, you will know that it is done when it becomes fork tender, now take your chicken out of the skillet, place it on a kitchen towel to let excess oil out and then serve it.

Getting a hang on how to fry chicken in a cast iron skillet can take a while, but just like everything else in the kitchen, preparing the perfect batch of fried chicken takes practice. You can make your job a whole lot easier by investing in a thermometer as it will make temperature management easier for you. Many cooks agree on the fact that frying chicken in an iron skillet replicates the effects of an industrial fryer at home much better than a deep fryer ever can. You can find a great many fried chicken recipes on the internet, all of which can be made scrumptious thanks to this cast iron skillet technique.

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