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The young generation of today might be able to figure out how to navigate through websites but for people who are not that familiar with the internet, it might be difficult to watch movies online on the sites that allow online streaming. Keeping such people and others who are just confused in mind, we have come up with ways that will help you navigate through such sites.

When talking about excellent online movie streaming sites, we have to talk about 0123movies.st as it does not require the viewer to register, pay or any such formality. Another great thing is that it mostly virus free so you can be assured that your system will be safe but turn on your anti-virus software just in case.

Your Genre

Maybe you were just recommended a movie by your best friend but do you immediately go and watch it? You can but it might end up wasting your time so you need to research about it a little bit before you dive into it. First you need to see whether the movie comes under the genres that you like to watch or not. If it is not and you like sticking to your genres then ditch the idea of watching it. If you are in the mood of trying out something new, proceed ahead.


Most of these sites contain a category that has all the movies and TV shows that are trending these days i.e. they are famous amongst the masses. If you want to know which movies your friends are raving about these days, you should watch movies from this tab.

Box Office

This category has all the movies that got commercial success so this is a good place to start if you are looking for good movies.

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