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When the FRP lock was first brought into light, a major chunk of the population reacted in a negative manner initially, asking questions like what if they forget their emails ID or passwords to access them and what if they had to reset the whole phone but had no clue about their own password or email ID? Then they would have to go through the long and tedious process of sending the phone back to the company so they could fix the existing problem, if it was still under the warranty.

However, once people got used to the idea of FRP and did more research they actually found out how important and useful it is to have FRP lock in today’s day and age, there are several advantages to it as well. We will be listing down a few of the benefits of the FRP Lock bypass APK since now it is available in all of the phones in the market, with that said, let us now take a look at them.

Added Security

In a situation where you get mugged or someone steals your phone, the people who may have it won’t be able to access your phone to factory reset it unless they are tech smart and know that they only have a matter of few seconds. If your FRP bypass APK is enabled, while trying to factory reset the phone, your phone will ask for the specific email address that was being used.

Privacy Measure

Apart from the security, this technology also adds to your privacy because you can never have enough of it. Access to your phone will become almost impossible with this lock system. If somehow people are able to gain access to your phone the data on it would still be protected by the lock system so your privacy will remain intact.

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