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There are few types of garage doors that are suitable for different kinds of needs. Even though there aren’t a lot of types, it is not easy to choose the garage door that is strong and durable while complimenting the design of the house. The two basic types are insulated and non-insulated. Insulated garage doors are best suited for colder temperatures while non-insulated can be acquired for any kind of temperature.

Best Garage Doors For Residential Use

The garage doors that are made for residential use have specific features that are required. One of those functions is easy operation. They should move without making any sound as you probably don’t want to be the person who has the noisy garage door that wakes up the neighbors. As residential areas are also very prone to car thefts, you should know what material the garage door should be made of. It should have a stylish appearance made of a material which is solid and rough in texture so that it is not easily breakable. They should be made of double layers of steel so that they’re able to withstand all kinds of external and internal forces. The design should go with the design of the house. The most common one has a wooden like appearance as it blends in with almost all kinds of designs.

Garage Doors For Commercial Use

These should be different in material and texture as the features required for commercial use are different from those required for residential use. They should be made of an even more durable material as they are vulnerable to many more incidents. Spark Garage Doors has the most smooth system since it has all the useful features required in doors used commercially.

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