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When people talk about walking their pets, we automatically think of dogs because we are only ever used to taking dogs outside on a leash for a walk. Dogs are very energetic animals, so regular walks are necessary in order for them to stay active, engaged and happy because a dog that is strictly kept indoors can end up becoming lethargic and down overtime.

If you have spent enough time on the internet, you have probably come across one or more videos of people trying to take cats out for walks and it turning out badly with the cat being dragged along. The idea of seeing a cat with a leash on outdoors seems weird to us at first, however, we should be open to experimenting with our own cat.

You will find that cat harnesses and leashes are becoming a pet store essential, and for good reason. A lot of people have started taking their cats out for walks and a lot of experts are recommending it because of its benefits as well. Not every cat will like to go for walks and that is fine, however, there is also a vast majority of cats that do happen to enjoy them.

Taking your cat outdoors will help keep them stimulated and engaged. Spending their time indoors around the same area becomes boring. However, once the cat is out in a new area, it will be able to explore and use its many senses to learn about the area and think differently, which is healthy for the cat. As your cat spends more time outdoors and venturing into new areas, it can end up becoming more confident as well. Lastly, it is a great way for both you and your cat to get some exercise.

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