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Got a new job offer from a well-paying employer in the big city who could really help you build your career further? Well, first of all let us congratulate you and with you good luck in your endeavours. Now before you can move to the city to avail this offer and start the next stage of your life, you might want to take some time and really think about what kind of a living option suits you the best.

On this page, we’ve listed down three of the most common living options for those of us who work in big cities and their benefits or shortcomings. Go ahead and read these so you have a clearer picture of which category sounds like you.


If you move into a house, unless you’re crazy rich or something, you’ll have to find a home outside the city but nearby and naturally, the farther they are, the cheaper they cost. If you like driving long distances and are extremely punctual then you shouldn’t have any problem with this living arrangement.


If you’re not too sure about just how long you’ll be living the city life before you relocate then maybe you’ll want to stick to renting out an apartment so that you can move around when you need to. No need for permanence, right? You might also have to comply with certain rules but hey they have rules everywhere right?


If you want convenience and the security of a home and are sure that you won’t be moving out of the city for the foreseeable future then here are our two cents; move into a M3 Condo. You’ll be close to where you work and will have enough time to experience the hustle and bustle of the city.

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